comments on "a wound in time"

Here's what a judge from the 2011 New York Independent Theatre Awards had to say about the 2010 original production of "A Wound In Time":

"This was a long show 2 hours and 20 minutes. It's hard to hold an audience that long, but they did. It was a wonderful evening in the theatre and I'm delighted I had the chance to see it. I was especially glad to see such well written and acted women on stage. The story was compelling, complex, funny and the characters rich." 

review of "Blood Makes the red river flow" DINNER THEATRE EVENT

Theatre critic Eva Heinemann:

"I kept thinking of John Guare's "A Free Man of Color" done at Lincoln Center awhile ago which dealt with the same subject of what happens to all the free people under Spanish and French rule in the Louisiana Purchase territory that gets destroyed by joining the United States with their horrible slavery. This was even better as it was from the female point of view. It's a very gripping story,"

Theatre critic Mark Savitt:

"The combination of Creole dinner with this rich history play worked wonderfully to enhance each other. I hope this dinner theater combo gets another chance to enchant a wider audience."