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Though there has yet to be a "true" budget WETBG Productions still manages to push forward in the belief  

that "lack of money should never keep a good story from being told or social issues from being addressed".  


-So many projects on the horizon for 2017.  What wasn't accomplished in 2016 will be attempted in the new year ahead.

But as always I push forward without a budget to share good and socially conscious stories.  And of course none of it would be

possible without a cast and crew who believe in the work; because it is always about the "work".  My motto "Money should never

keep a good story from going untold".  The entire trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew" goes up at IATI Theatre for a week

long run of 12 performances  March 20-26th.  Tickets go on sale in February. Thank You Puffin Foundation for making this possible!


-FINALLY rehearsals for the full production and run of the entire trilogy "Women You Though You Knew" begin February 10th.

There will be some old faces and some new.  Luckily, the theatre was acquired and paid for before my health issue so "the

show must go on"!  Again, Thank You Puffin Foundation!!!