​​Wilson Exclusive Talent and Bronx Guerrilla Productions is presently in production and fundraising for the completion of the feature film, "A Wound in Time", which is the screenplay adaptation of the Off Off and Off Broadway productions by the company.  The stage play, "A Wound in Time", was written in 1988 while the writer was a resident playwright at the East Village and now defunct arts organization R.A.P.P. Arts.  Many well known actors were part of their Actors Pool such as the star of the old sit-com "Roc" Ella Joyce, and Cosby show son-in-law Geoffrey Owens.  In the first of the two staged readings of the play Ella Joyce read the role of "Iya Carmen".

"Women You Thought You Knew: A Trilogy"  is projected to debut as a full production of all three plays in the same historical run in Summer 2016.  

The Creole historical drama "Blood Makes the Red River Flow" to return to the stage as part of the play series "Edgy Ladies on Stage" with the trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew".


About upcoming projects



The journey began acting professional for the love of it rather than the glory.


The stage play A Wound in Time is written and has its first staged reading.


The concept for the documentary "The Descendants of Africa: Evolution of a People and Culture" is developed.  


United States location filming and interviews begin of "The Decscendants of Africa" as a one woman production team.








meet the upcoming players

Anissa Smith (A Wound in Time)

Frankie Ramos (A Wound in Time, Blood Makes The Red River Flow)

Gavel Phoenix (A Wound in Time)

Wanda Colon (A Wound in Time)

Evan Davis (A Wound in Time, Wild Child)

Rock Jones (A Wound in Time, Silk Stockings and a Bible)

Stacey Griffin (A Wound in Time, Silk Stockings and a Bible)

Irma Cadiz (A Wound in Time)

Bill Barry (A Wound in Time, The Grinder)

Michelle Lamelza (A Wound in Time, The Grinder)

Gerard Marrone (A Wound in Time)

Steve DeVito (A Wound in Time)

Steven Guadalupe (A Wound in Time)

Bill Russo (A Wound in Time, The Grinder)

Anthony Lofaso (A Wound in Time)

Josephine Pizzino (A Wound in Time)

Christina Laboy (A Wound in Time)

Bert Lee (A Wound in Time)

China Colston (A Wound in Time, Silk Stockings and a Bible, Blood Makes The Red River Flow)

Jesus Papoleto-Melendez ​(A Wound in Time)

David Roberts (A Wound in Time)

Ralph Hopkins (A Wound in Time)

Delilah Lloyd (A Wound in Time)

David Brooks (A Wound in Time)

Millie Ortiz ​(A Wound in Time)

Christiana Blain (The Grinder, Blood Makes the Red River Flow)

Al Roffe (The Grinder, Blood Makes the Red River Flow)

Mari P. Rosa (Silk Stockings and a Bible)

Santi Rodriguez (Silk Stockings and a Bible)

Chuk Obasi ( Blood Makes the Red River Flow)

Jason Torres (A Wound in Time, Wild Child)

Stephanie Lynn Wilson (A Wound in Time, Silk Stockings and a Bible, Blood Makes the Red River Flow)


The play "A Wound in Time" is revised and adapted to screenplay which was

submitted to two international contests, placing quarter and semi finalists.  

The play is mounted Off Off Broadway.  

The historical Creole play, "Blood Makes The Red River Flow", inspired by interviews

of Louisiana Creoles during the filming of "The Descendants of Africa" was written

and performed during a 2 week run for Black History Month.


The play, "A Wound in Time", is mounted Off Broadway for a limited run.


The trilogy, "Women You Thought You Knew", three plays about three different

women who are typically viewed negatively, was written and workshopped separately.

A treatment and project description is created for the Anna Magnani

documentary "Divina: From Roma To The Bronx With Love".

Act One of a new play, "Ancients Rising" was written.

The film, "A Wound in Time", begins filming and fundraising for a projected 2017 release.


The entire trilogy "Women You Thought You Knew" will go up for full production along

with the Creole historical play "Blood Makes the Red River Flow" as a play series titled

"Edgy Women on Stage Play Series" has found a home for a week long run of

14 performances March 20-26, 2017.  Grateful for the recent donation to the project

by the Puffin Foundation to help toward the cost of renting a theatre.